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The Brand Manager’s Caution Guide


The food packaging industry is generally regarded as being one of the safest industries to run. Economic upheavals affect it less than other businesses because, after all, everyone needs to eat.

That’s not to say that marketing your product is going to be a cakewalk. There are hundreds of established brands out there that have entrenched themselves in consumers’ minds, and new brands are cropping up every day.

So, what can you do to give yourself an edge in this business? Well, it would help to take a look at some of the major pitfalls that you should be avoiding. A cautious step is worth ten brash ones when you’re crafting your marketing plan.

Don’t Neglect Your Long-Term Brand Image

Don’t get caught up in only promoting offers and deals. While this might work in the short term, you need long term branding to build a solid brand image, and by extension, a solid customer base that you can rely on. Sell your story well and make it your own, whether it’s one of reinvention or of the determined underdog. Branding in marketing is incredibly important.

Don’t Get Caught Up In ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’

Market research is a great tool that lets you see how your competitors are marketing themselves. But simply looking at how other brands are marketing themselves and aping them is a bad idea for your business. You need to adjust your marketing strategy based on how long your product has been around. What works for big, established brands won’t necessarily work for you.

Don’t Fail To Reassure Your Consumers

People are more concerned than ever before about what they’re putting into their bodies. You need to convince them to trust your product. Your marketing plan should reflect this, and be focused on building trust before anything else. The food processing industry is also coming under scrutiny by regulatory bodies and government agencies, so approval from these entities will go a long way towards fostering consumer trust, if you bring their attention to it.

Don’t Be Unsure Of Your USP

What sets you apart from your competitors? Is it the quality of your ingredients? Or maybe it’s the organic processes you use? Find your Unique Selling Point and market it to your customers with a zeal. This ensures that they know what to come to you for. Simply trying to be the jack of all trades will make your product lacklustre and consumers will lose attention quickly.

Don’t Neglect Your Online Presence

The Internet is the most versatile tool at your disposal. Simply establishing an online presence puts you miles ahead of most of your competition in the food industry. A solid hybrid marketing plan, which includes online marketing, will give you a definitive edge – even more so because food companies in India haven’t yet conquered the online sphere. The Internet gives you incredible reach and control, while also allowing you to convert consumers easily.

These are only some of the major hurdles that you need to watch out for when coming up with a marketing plan for your company. Keep your weather eye on the horizon and know your customer for the best results.

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