ab testing

Experiments are conducted under a controlled setting to test the response for a particular product. Conducting a test launch would help in examining the scope for the product and the acceptability among the target audience. Businesses, from small to large, have made it a point to conduct a test run using Experimental Market Research techniques like Test Marketing and A/B testing for their newly developed products before launching. Test Marketing provides insights for improving the products that otherwise don’t stand a chance in the market.

Pilot testing leads to many insights that tend to be very useful in developing the brand. Since it is possible in test marketing to monitor the response for a newly developed product, most of the businesses decide whether or not to launch their product only after conducting a pilot study. Experimentation should be conducted in a planned manner and the necessary guidelines need to be followed.

  • Experiments can be used to understand the customer feedback on the products
  • Package testing, Pricing research are some of the research methods that use Experimental Market Research
  • Experimentation provides an overview of the product performance in real life
  • Purchase patterns, consumer behaviour can also be studied using Experimentation methods
  • These methods require a considerable amount of time as the process is quite long
  • A/B testing is the commonly used experimentation tool which is currently playing a major role in Marketing with respect to the Digital scenario