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  • More than a decade of professional experience
  • Research affiliates all over Tamil Nadu
  • Trained researchers, recruitment affiliates, On-field, Off-field resources
  • MRSI certified Market Research Agency
  • Formed by a dedicated team, with a penchant for Market research, we’re one of those Market Research companies that like to experiment with the dynamic trends and innovative techniques that facilitate research and produce better results
  • We provide actionable insights and strategic recommendations that will help your business

For the love of Research…

market research

Brand Kare provides Quality services in Market Research. Our Research process focuses on understanding our client’s objective and designing the research in such a way that it provides answers and insights to help them with their business. We have been supporting clients in various business sectors for more than a decade.

Market Research can help you

  • Understand your target audience, the market/industry
  • Understand your competition
  • Identify your scope and plan further
  • Develop your Marketing Strategy
  • Identify risks and opportunities
  • Address to your business related doubts, queries
  • Measure various parameters and many more…


Objective based

  • Identifying the right type of Research that suits the objective
  • Be it Qualitative or Quantitative Research, we are well equipped to conduct any type of Research

In the field

  • Designing the Research instrument based on a structured, strategic approach
  • Field work is carried on with the support of our field associates

Infinite Insights

  • Data Analysis and Data Interpretation
  • We help you convert data into viable insights and we render our strategic recommendations


Handling large volumes of Research Data thrills us! We aren’t kidding. Because, for us, it is not just Data; we know what that Data is worth. That Data can clarify your doubts; that Data can help you understand your customers; that Data can give you insights to progress further. If you’re running a data-driven business and looking for one of those Quality service offering Market Research companies, you have come to the right place.

Projects conducted in Chennai, Coimbatore, Trichy, Salem, Madurai and many other districts in Tamil Nadu.

Brand Kare provides best Market Research services all over India.



focus group discussion

Focus Group Discussions

in-depth interviews

In-Depth Interviews




Experimentation / Field Trials

Be it Primary or Secondary Research, Brand Kare is well equipped to conduct a wide range of Qualitative and Quantitative Research methods based on the requirement

  • Consumer Research
  • Usage & Attitude study
  • B2B Research
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Product testing
  • Concept testing
  • Test Marketing
  • Competitor study
  • Opinion polling
  • Brand Research
  • Business Location Analysis
  • Market Sizing Research
  • Feasibility study
  • Retail audit

We are MRSI certified

Market Research Society Of India

Brand Kare is a Corporate member of MRSI. Our research methods are therefore governed by the Code of Conduct of MRSI in order to maintain high professional standards

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