In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews are Qualitative Research tools used when there has to be a one-to-one interaction with the respondent. These Interviews help us gather expert opinions on the required subject. In-depth interviews can be conducted directly as a face-to-face discussion or over the phone.

Data collected via depth interviews is more accurate and specific. Respondents of DIs are mostly hard-to-reach personnel, high level executives, professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers, etc. The target audience of a particular brand can also be the respondents.

Depth interviews are applicable when the study to be conducted is on a complex, sensitive topic or when expert advice is needed on a particular subject from an experienced person in that particular industry.

Advantages of In-Depth interviews:

  • Better understanding on the subject can be expected through a depth interview and insights on a deeper level can be obtained
  • The interviewer has a chance of asking follow-up questions and gaining additional information in order to comprehend the opinions of the respondent with more clarity
  • There is a better rapport between the interviewer and the participant in a DI, compared to the other research methods
  • Depth interviews require only a limited number of participants
  • They have a very good potential for elaborating the perceptions of the participants
  • Face-to-face interviews also reveal the behavioural response of the participant
  • Flexibility with respect to location, scheduling, etc

Brand Kare has conducted In-depth interviews among a variety of participants, industry experts, professionals, etc. Our Moderators/Interviewers are skilled and experienced in conducting interviews and gathering insightful data. Depth Interviews are very helpful for conducting B2B Market Research.