Every brand owner faces the toughest challenge in the market place. The challenge of distribution or placing the product closer to the potential consumer. The contour of retail has changed with the advent of modern trade . Higher disposable income, exposure to overseas markets, premium on one’s time, have all influenced the buying behavior of the consumer significantly. Innovation in packaging has enabled the product to reach new segments of consumers hither to untapped. Today the busy and resourceful consumer has to be serviced through multichannels. Hence designing an effective MODEL OF DISTRIBUTION and implementing it require the support of professionals.

Brand Kare has an innate understanding of these dynamics of distribution and has successfully implemented winning distribution model for various brands over the years,

Distribution Audit Ascertain level of reach, shelf share, gap analysis
Market mapping Identification of category point of sales and design a coverage plan for optimized productivity
Channel design Identification of complementary or supporting channels
Launch and spread plan Complete how-to-launch kit. Fixing phases and milestones in achieving width or reach
Merchandising / Below-the-line activities / Trade Marketing To enhance trade involvement, product visibility and consumer trials
Sales organization Structuring a sales organization that can effectively plan and achieve the numbers . Training in strategies
Sales Force Automation Automation of frontline field force for effective monitoring of coverage, productivity, review

BK team members have worked markets pan India and hence can leverage their expertise to create a distribution model for any region / sector.



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