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Welcome to DigiMarg

Marg means path…As the name denotes, DigiMarg is designed to set an illuminating path through the ever exciting world of online marketing. Are you looking out for digital marketing services in Chennai? You are landed in the right page.

The DigiMarg Advantage

How are we different the from plain vanilla digital marketing agencies in Chennai? We offer the combined power of conventional marketing and new era digital marketing in creating winning brands and loyal customers. Digital marketing is technology driven. When the technology merges with decades of our experience in various facets of marketing, the unique product that emerges is DigiMarg.

The Colour 8 & DigiMarg Consulting

There are eight colours that make up DigiMarg logo. These colours denote the eight primary tactics of digital marketring. Viz., SEO, PPC, SMM, Website Strategy, Web Analytics, eMail Marketing, Display Advertisements and Integrated Strategies with Conventional marketing.

The DigiMarg Approach

Brand Kare being one of the early bird among the Digital Marketing companies in Chennai, have designed its own unique approach in formulating digital marketing strategies. We initiate a detailed interaction with our client, through a structured interview of the brand owner and key professionals in the organisation, and get a thorough understanding of business model, profile of customers, business opportunities in terms of potential customers and geographical areas. Based on this input, we work out a digital marketing model for the client with KPIs and spend plan, with a well defined time line.

Our Process

Developing a Home Base for the Product / Service based on the inputs

  • Outposts are developed to drive traffic to the Home Base
  • Make the traffic perform the Most wanted Response (MWR)
  • Conversion of Leads
  • Perfromance of Homebase analyzed through Analytics tool.

Our model gives a lot of importance to creating a strong Home Base and our conviction is that all strategies should be designed to bring the consumers to this Home Base.

DigiMarg team works on Strategy, Execution and Evaluation (SEE) for all the digital marketing initiatives done for its clients.

Come, leverage the power of Digital Marketing!



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