Did you know that Location highly impacts the success or failure of a business? If you are a marketer, you would know that Location is one of the 4Ps (Place) of the Marketing Mix. Place is the point of sale, refers to how the products are distributed to the customers. Location is where the action is taking place, especially for Retail and other service based businesses like Restaurants, it is of utmost importance.
location analysis

There are various factors to consider while choosing the location for your business


Do the demographics of the location suit your business? Will you be able to reach your Target Audience if you are located there? Vehicle and foot traffic of that location? Is it a convenient location for your employees and the business?


What are the other businesses in the location? Are there any competitors in the location? How will that affect your business?


Is the location appropriate for achieving your business objectives? Are their opportunities and enough resources for conducting business?


Have you considered the operation costs of doing business in that location? Are the taxes, rent suitable for your budget?


Is the location consistent with your brand image? Does your brand image go along with the perception of the location?

Future scope

Is there scope for growth? What would be the ROI if you are going to conduct business in that location?

Is this all a bit overwhelming? It’s alright; we know exactly what you’re looking for and we’re here to take some burden off your shoulders.

Here’s what we will do:

With the help of Market Research and Location Evaluation methods, we will help you identify the Strategic Locations for your business

  • Demographic study
  • Competitor study
  • Identification of Hotspots
  • Heat mapping
  • Assessment of Demand
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis

Be it a start-up or a business expansion, irrespective of whether it is a large business or a small business, Location is definitely an investment. Our team of experts with their proven, winning techniques will help you find the best location for your business!

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