Consumer insights & Location analysis for launching a new OP clinic in Chennai

location analysis of multispeciality clinic


A team of doctors and professionals had come together to open a Multispecialty clinic in Chennai. Brand Kare was approached i) to conduct a study to understand Consumer insights and ii) Location Analysis to find the strategic locations to launch the clinic.


3 Focus Group Discussions, a survey among Doctors, similar Multispecialty clinic visits and secondary research were all conducted for the Research part of the project. Market Analysis, Demand Assessment, Identification of Hotspots, etc were done under Location Analysis


FGDs: The groups were asked about their opinions on specific concepts such as surge pricing, insurance and many others. The FGDs gave insights on the preferences, expected attributes and pain points of the target audience.

Survey: The doctors provided their opinions on various concepts and also gave suggestions with respect to the field

Secondary Research: A database was created containing specific details of hospitals and clinics in Chennai. Target customers profiling and other information gathering also required secondary research

Location Analysis: After conducting feasibility study and SWOT analysis, Strategic locations as per the analysis were suggested to the client