Product testing for a millet based Ready-to-drink beverage

product testing of millet based RTD


Manufacturer of Organic foods


The client intended to add to their product line a Millet based Ready- to- drink beverage. They consulted our Market Research services to conduct the Product testing of the RTD beverage


The project required both Primary and Secondary Market Research. The objective was to test the client’s product among potential customers, to understand the product concept, their acceptability, opinions on pricing, packaging, etc. Field survey (quantitative) and Focus group discussions (qualitative) were the methods used. The study was conducted among target customers in Chennai and Coimbatore. The respondents were asked to taste the product and their responses were recorded simultaneously.


The Primary Research gave an idea about the scope for the product. Their views on the concept, pricing and other features of the product were also revealed. The respondents were even able to recognize the USPs of the product. The study provided insights on how further positioning could be done for the product. Secondary Research helped in understanding the industry and competition. Based on the findings from the research, Brand Kare also provided strategic recommendations on the pricing, promotion and distribution management of the product