A consumer study to understand the buying behaviour & advertising influence

Buying behaviour & Advertising influence


A renowned metal mart chain in Madurai


The Client approached us to conduct a study on their target audience, in order to gain strategic insights for their future campaigns


The research was threefold: i) study on the client’s customers ii) study on the customers of competitor stores iii) study on Wedding purchase behaviour in metal mart stores. Quantitative research and Mystery shopping were the methods used. The research aimed at understanding the customer views on the stores, their preferences, expectations, purchase patterns, media habits, ad recall, etc


The study was able to reveal the attributes that customers give importance to in metal mart stores; their feedback on the stores, pain points, buying behaviour, advertising influence, etc. The client was given inputs to focus on the areas where there was a lot of scope for improvement; strategic recommendations were made on positioning, communication, media selection, etc.