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“Market research is any organized effort to gather information about Target markets or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy” – Wikipedia

Every decision concerning the product, packaging, pricing, placement, positioning and promotion has to be based on research in order to make informed decisions thus enhancing the OTS (opportunity to succeed).


Our market research service is aptly called as Insight Infinite. Why? Because, the consumer’s experience with a product keeps evolving and so is her perceptions, likes, and dislikes. To understand this, there has to be a constant dialogue with her from the brand through various research processes and hence it is a continuum.


Secondary Market Research Seek and source relevant research papers / data. Analyse and apply these to existing project

Primary Market Research

1. Survey Quantitative in nature. To test specific questions and measure the responses from representative TA and market.
2. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) & Depth Interview (DI) Exploratory. Qualitative in nature. To get deep insights into a product / service in various stages of life cycle. If done prior to a survey, the outcome would be useful to sharpen survey questions. If done post-survey, the FGD would be useful in diving deep into a topic that came up in the survey
3. A / B Testing Prior to launch of a print or website campaign. Testing the options in visuals, copy, layout etc. To be done amongst a representative group of TA. Is useful in testing a story board before production of a TVC
4. Field Trials Sampling / blind sampling of own product or competitive products. To observe and record consumer’s response to taste, comparative feel etc. Useful to tweak product compositions and to determine the level of acceptance against bench mark product
5. Mystery Consumer /shopper Evaluate the trade knowledge on product features and level of trade push. Also useful in testing the efficacy of dedicated in-shop salesperson for a brand

Methods: Field work / Online surveys / Email surveys


  1. Intimate Knowledge of markets and culture: Research is a highly interactive subject. The nuances of a market, the culture of the region, the emerging trends that impact the life style are all important to structure and carry out a research project. A deep understanding of these factors, thanks to the combined 70 years of professional experience in marketing bring a distinct advantage to Brand Kare to handle any research assignment.
  2. Pan India coverage: Brand Kare has research affiliates all over India to carry out quantitative and qualitative research projects. Besides reaching out to tier II and III markets, leveraging the vernacular / dialect in the interview process help in a better bonding with the respondents.
  3. On field & off field resources: Trained research executives, recruitment affiliates, respondents panel, moderators fluent in English and vernacular and best resource centers to carry out FGD, DI & CLT.
  4. Software driven research & analysis: Brand Kare deploys the latest software in not only carrying out the research but also in analyzing the data. This process ensures high accuracy and speedy results. Here again, the combined marketing experience helps Brand Kare to look deep into the mass data and cull out hidden insights.

Market Research Society of India ( (MRSI), established in 1988, is a non-profit autonomous market research body formed by a large fraternity of research suppliers and users spread across India.

Brand Kare is a Corporate member of MRSI. Brand Kare, therefore is governed by the Code of Conduct of MRSI in the conduct of research business to maintain highest professional standards.


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