Brand Kare is built with the experience and the interest of a team of professionals with substantial experience in different fields of marketing – distribution, retailing, Market Research, digital marketing et al. Before getting into strategic consulting, every team member had a hands on experience in the specific area of marketing while working with leading organisations in FMCG, Lifestyle, Advertising and IT Services.

The consulting experience, spanning over a decade has given us several challenging assignments all mandated to realise the potential of brands, through different stages of life cycle – concept to market, plateau phase or in a phase of decline. For us, each assignment is an abundant learning experience as much as an opportunity to add value to the brand.

The world of marketing has never ceased to excite us. We have been blissfully playing the role of spectator and participant.

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Ashram Brands: The Strategy Behind Their Success

Ashram Brands: The Strategy Behind Their Success India is an eclectic mix of old and new. Tradition and technology coexist in a dichotomy that makes for unique economic opportunities, and…

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What Is Hybrid Marketing? The dictionary definition for the word “hybrid” reads as ” something (as a power plant, vehicle, or electronic circuit) that has two different types of components…

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Data-Driven Marketing Vs. Customer Pulse Reading: Are Marketers Becoming Too Data-Centric? In the world of marketing, data analysis is seen as the one-stop-solution to all needs for insight. Big data…

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